Endorsed by The Chennai Silks Group, Sri Nachammal Vidyavani School is part of the AKV Foundation. The school is managed by the sons of A. Kulandaivel, a humanitarian and the founder of The Chennai Silks Group. The management believes in imparting the highest quality education to its pupils to shape them for a better tomorrow. The school was instituted with a philanthropic vision of creating, nurturing and benefiting the society at large.


  • Shri T K Chandiran
  • Shri K Manickam
  • Shri K Sivalingam
  • Shri P K Aroomugam
  • Shri K Vinayakam
  • Shri K Nandagopal
  • Shri K Paramasivam


Shri K.Vinayakam, a leading industrialist is the correspondent of Sri NachammalVidyavani. Hedreams of a tomorrow where theNachamallians head the nation. He constantly strives hard to provide them with the best facilities and opportunities available.