Montessori Education

At Sri NachammalVidyavani, we follow Montessori Method of teaching for the kindergarten section (KG) section. Experienced and caring teachers along with assistant teachers introduce the little ones to the world of knowledge through music, art, games and many other fun-filled activities.

About Founder of Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian Physician and educator started her journey in the field of education by teaching children using new techniques and models, which she believed would make a difference in the way they learned and perceived.

When her students entered the mainstream examinations along with other children educated by the regular method of teaching, they outperformed the latter with ease. This led to the birth of Montessori Method of education.

She developed materials that will improve the learning power of the children. She established theories of Montessori that forms the basis of teaching Montessori education today for the students.

Montessori Education at Sri NachammalVidyavani

Our pre-primary comprises of pre-KG, KG1 & KG2 where English is the medium of education. Hindi language is introduced from KG2. Our pre-primary children blossom in a nurturing environment. For every class, two class teachers and a lady support staff handle the individual needs of every child.

Development of basic motor skills and communicative skills forms the basis to learning at KG level. Sensory development and environmental studies approach to education makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric.

The study materials introduced to the children at Sri NachammalVidyavani are related to ‘practical life’ activities. The tasks and activities are familiar to the children. By helping the children to acquire skills, we help them to nurture individuality and belief in self.

We include numerous activities like cooking without fire, music, dance and other hands-on experience for the kids to maximise their potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment. The main objective of these activities is to help the children develop their ability to concentrate and coordinate their movements.

At pre-school age, the children are bombarded with sensory information. The Montessori mode of learning aids the children to comprehend their world, which ultimately heightens his/her perception and make them inquisitive. The ability to count or calculate and to write or read is the consequence of the children’s involvement in theprepared school environment and not the primary objective.

Fun and relaxing activities that help the kids come out of their shell include Splash pool, Parents day, Grandparents day, colour day etc. All these activities are an integral part of the value based education followed by the school for the benefit of the students.