School’s profile

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Sri Nachammal Vidyavani is promoted by The Chennai Silks Group, the business tycoon in textile industry for the past five decades. The school is the brain child of the members of A K V foundation, as a part of their initiative to give back to the society in ample measures for what they have received.

A stellar Institution, Sri NachammalVidyavaniSchool is a co-educational school that has classes from kindergarten through seventh standard. We understand every child is special and unique. For this reason, the school consciously limits the number of students in each class. The school identifies the needs of each and every student and encourages their academic, social and emotional development.

The school has strengthened academic programs from Kindergarten to seventh standard to excite, challenge and engage every student. The schools follows Montessori model of teaching for the kindergarten level and Central Board of Secondary Education from 1st through 7thstandard. The 15-acres school campus is completely modernized with state of the art facilities that offer the newest technology and resources.

We make constant progress to stay up-to-date for the benefit of the students. We at Sri NachammalVidyavaniprovide opportunities to aid the students to express themselves through academic programs, sports and various club activities. The school also gives exclusive coaching for students who aspire to crack the IIT-JEE exam.

To help the students stay grounded to their roots, the school regularly conducts Havans and Shloka chanting. The school also makes a point to observe the important festive occasions to celebrate the cultural diversity of our country.

We provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment to the students to maximize their overall potential through various curricular and extra-curricular activities. The dedicated teachers and staff at Sri NachammalVidyavani School ensure that the students receive the necessary care and support in all activities that help to mold them into a better individual.