Sri Nachammal Vidyavani Senior Secondary School

Education develops the Knowledge but lacks in stuffing the memory!

Sri Nachammal Vidyavani is promoted by The Chennai Silks Group, a leading name in textiles for over five decades. The school is a unit of the AKV Foundation and managed under the able leadership of A. Kulandaivel & Sons, who is driven by a passion for the educational development of children. The school is a part of their initiative to give back to society in ample measure for what they have received.

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The Nachammal Curriculum helps preschool teachers and caregivers develop an educational program that makes the learning experience exciting and relevant for each child.

The Nachammal Curriculum provides each child with a well-rounded program to help him/her achieve success. It fosters social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, through art activities, games, music, story-telling, number, reading readiness, dramatic play, science, social studies and the culinary arts.

Admission Procedure


Hand Painting

Memory Game

Tongue Twister

Fancy Dress

More than 5 Years of Experience